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Find a traditional or modern silver 25th anniversary gift ideas for your parents, grandparents, or friends. Celebrate your loved ones' 25th wedding anniversary with commemorative 25th wedding anniversary gifts. Many of these gifts are attractive to display at a 25th anniversary party for people married in 1990.

25th Anniversary Photo Album or Visual Guest Book for 25th Wedding Anniversary Party
25th Love Story Photo Album
With 100 acid-free pages
Holds 200 photos, gift cards, messages
Item No. 80-020-3731
Price: $24.99
Our 25th Wedding Anniversary Then and Now Photo Frame - Porcelain picture frame holds two 3.5 by 5 inch photos of the Silver Anniversary couple
25th Anniversary Ring Frame
25th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Holds 2 photos, each 3.5" x 5"
Item No. 80-020-3004
Price: $19.99
25th Wedding Anniversary Cotton Sofa Throw Blanket
25 Years Together Throw
"Two hearts as one..."
25th Anniversary Gift
Item No. 80-020-8002
Price: $34.99
Modern 25th anniversary gift - Sentiment photo frame
25th Anniversary Joy Frame
"Celebrate the joys of today...
,,,and the hopes of tomorrow."
Item No. 80-020-3313
Price: $24.99
25th wedding anniversary musical jewelry box or gift card holder
25th Anniversary Music Box
Holds jewelry or gift cards
Plays "Unchained Melody"
Item No. 80-020-1502
Price: $29.99
Silver Celebration Heart Plate for 25th Anniversary Party
Silver Celebration Heart Plate
Serve dessert for two at
a 25th anniversary dinner party.
Item No. 80-020-4512
Price: $19.99
Framed 25th Wedding Anniversary Toast Poem - Commemorative Gift for Silver Wedding Anniversary
25th Anniversary Toast - Bow
Read and present to couple
at 25th anniversary party
Item No. 80-020-2303
Price: $9.99
Silver and White Love in Bloom Plate - 13 inches in diameter
25 Years of Love in Bloom Plate
Serve appetizers or dessert.
Use for multiple events after the anniversary.
Item No. 80-020-4525
Price: $39.99
Silver Celebration Bowl
Modern 25th anniversary gift
Glass with silver finish
Item No. 80-020-6504
Price: $14.99
Best is Yet to Be 25th Wedding Anniversary Photo Frame
25 Years - Best is Yet to Be Frame
Holds 4 x 6 photo
Display at 25th anniversary party.
Item No. 80-020-3021
Sale! Save $6
Was: $24.99
Price: $18.99
25 Years Together Frame - Brush Stripe
Striped brushed silver-colored frame
with romantic verse
Item No. 80-020-3052
Price: $24.99
1990 Time Passages Yearbook
25th wedding anniversary gift
Record album size calendar
Item No. 80-020-2990
Price: $15.95