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Celebrate a 50th anniversary in style with modern or traditional 50th anniversary gifts. Having a 50th anniversary party for your parents or grandparents married in 1964? Many of the items in this collection are attractive party displays.

1964 What a Year It Was Book
50th anniversary or birthday gift
170 pages of 1964 nostalgia
Item No. 80-050-1964
Price: $27.95
Diamond Anniversary Cross
Gold plated cross with
crystal accented rings
Item No. 80-060-4054
Price: $19.99
Golden Celebration Champagne Flutes for 50th Wedding Anniversary Party
Golden Celebration Flutes
2 Champagne Glasses
For a 50th anniversary party
Item No. 80-050-5194
Price: $29.99
50th Anniversary Clock Framed with Toast Poem
50th Anniversary Toast Wall Clock
Read and present at party.
Suitable for a group gift
Item No. 80-050-2327
Price: $79.99
Golden Celebration Pedestal Cake Plate and Serving Dishes
Golden Celebration Serving Set
Includes 13" pedestal
serving plate and two 8.5" plates
Item No. 80-050-4530
Price: $59.99
1964 Movie Night Gift Package
Contains a 1964 events DVD,
Reminiscing booklet and popcorn
Item No. 80-050-7764
Price: $19.99
Golden Annviersary Cotton Throw Blanket - Made in the USA
Golden Anniv. Cotton Throw
"On your Golden Anniversary,
no treasure is more precious..."
Item No. 80-050-8001
Price: $34.99
50th Anniversary Ornament Wine Bag
For a 50th anniversary party
Burgundy velveteen bag and ornament
Item No. 80-050-4114
Price: $14.99
50th Anniversary Keepsake Music Box for jewelry or gift card holder
50th Anniversary Music Box
Holds jewelry or gift cards
Plays "Unchained Melody"
Item No. 80-050-1502
Price: $29.99
1964 Time Passages Yearbook
For 50th anniversaries and birthdays
Record album size calendar
Item No. 80-050-2964
Price: $15.95
50th Anniversary Toast - Framed in a Vintage Modern Lace Design
50th Anniversary Toast - Lace Design
Read and display at a
50th anniversary party
Item No. 80-050-2326
Price: $19.99
1964 DVD, book for 50th birthday or 50th anniversary party
1964 Gift Collection
50th Birthday or 50th Anniversary Gift
Includes 1964 DVD, book
Item No. 80-050-7784
Price: $34.99
50th Wedding Anniversary Memory Scrapbook Photo Album
50th Anniversary Memory Book
Photo album, scrapbook
and guest book all-in-one
Item No. 80-050-3729
Price: $29.99
50 Years Together Frame
Striped brushed gold-colored frame
with romantic verse
Item No. 80-050-3052
Price: $24.99
Golden Anniversary Cross
50th anniversary gift
with stylish amber crystal accents
Item No. 80-050-4054
Price: $19.99
50th Anniv. Timeless Love Frame holds a 6 x 4 inch photo or poem
50th Anniversary Timeless Love Frame
Brushed brass frame holds
a 6 x 4 inch picture
Item No. 80-050-3080
Price: $12.99