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Celebrate a 50th anniversary in style with modern or traditional 50th anniversary gifts. Having a 50th anniversary party for your parents or grandparents married in 1964? Many of the items in this collection are attractive party displays.

1964 What a Year It Was Book
50th anniversary or birthday gift
170 pages of 1964 nostalgia
Item No. 80-050-1964
Price: $27.95
Diamond Anniversary Cross
Gold plated cross with
crystal accented rings
Item No. 80-060-4054
Price: $19.99
1964 DVD - Your Fabulous Year
50th wedding anniversary
or 50th birthday gift
Item No. 80-050-7064
Price: $9.95
50th Anniv. Pillar Candle
50th Anniversary Pillar Candle
Item # 80-050-6903
Price: $19.99
Golden Celebration Champagne Flutes for 50th Wedding Anniversary Party
Golden Celebration Flutes
2 Champagne Glasses
For a 50th anniversary party
Item No. 80-050-5194
Price: $29.99
50th Anniv. Timeless Love Frame holds a 6 x 4 inch photo or poem
50th Anniversary Timeless Love Frame
Brushed brass frame holds
a 6 x 4 inch picture
Item No. 80-050-3080
Price: $12.99
50th Wedding Anniversary Frame - Two Hearts One Love
50th Anniversary Frame - Two Hearts
White wooden frame holds
a 6 x 4 inch picture
Item No. 80-050-3083
Price: $22.99
50th Anniversary Toast with space for a wedding photo and a current picture.
Golden Jubilee Then & Now Frame
Brushed champagne-colored frame
with 50th anniversary toast
Item No. 80-050-3073
Price: $22.99
Golden Celebration Pedestal Cake Plate and Serving Dishes
Golden Celebration Serving Set
Includes 13" pedestal
serving plate and two 8.5" plates
Item No. 80-050-4530
Price: $59.99
50th Anniversary Clock Framed with Toast Poem
50th Anniversary Toast Wall Clock
Read and present at party.
Suitable for a group gift
Item No. 80-050-2327
Price: $79.99
Golden Annviersary Cotton Throw Blanket - Made in the USA
Golden Anniv. Cotton Throw
"On your Golden Anniversary,
no treasure is more precious..."
Item No. 80-050-8001
Price: $34.99
50th Wedding Anniversary Photo Album Book for 50th Anniversary Party
50th Anniversary Photo Book
Holds 40 photos or gift cards
Display at 50th anniversary party
Item No. 80-050-9032
Price: $15.99
50th Anniversary Keepsake Music Box for jewelry or gift card holder
50th Anniversary Music Box  (Out of Stock)
Holds jewelry or gift cards
Plays "Wind Beneath My Wings"
Item No. 80-050-1502
Price: $29.99
 (Out of Stock)
1964 Movie Night Gift Package
Contains a 1964 events DVD,
Reminiscing booklet and popcorn
Item No. 80-050-7764
Price: $19.99
Set of 2 Glasses 50th Wedding Anniversary Champagne Glasses decorated in 22K gold lettering.
50th Anniversary Champagne Glasses
For a golden anniversary party
Set of 2
Item No. 80-050-5050
Price: $24.99
50th Anniversary Ornament Wine Bag
For a 50th anniversary party
Burgundy velveteen bag and ornament
Item No. 80-050-4114
Price: $14.99
50th anniversary heart plate for 50th wedding anniversary party
Golden Celebration Heart Plate
Serve dessert for two at
a 50th anniversary dinner party.
Item No. 80-050-4512
Price: $19.99
50 Happy Years Frame - Then & Now
"Our Love Story
Holds two 4 x 6 inch photos
Item No. 80-050-3009
Price: $29.99
50th Anniversary Toast - Framed in a Vintage Modern Lace Design
50th Anniversary Toast - Lace Design
Read and display at a
50th anniversary party
Item No. 80-050-2326
Price: $19.99
50th Anniversary Wine Glasses
Set of 2, decorated in gold
with a swirl leaf design
Item No. 80-050-5014
Price: $39.99
50th Wedding Anniversary Memory Scrapbook Photo Album
50th Anniversary Memory Book
Photo album, scrapbook
and guest book all-in-one
Item No. 80-050-3729
Price: $29.99
1964 Time Passages Yearbook
For 50th anniversaries and birthdays
Record album size calendar
Item No. 80-050-2964
Price: $15.95
Golden Bloom Candle Holders - Set of 2 - 50th Anniversary Party Gift
Golden Bloom Candle Holders
Set of 2 votive or
tea light candle holders
Item No. 80-050-6502
Price: $18.99
1964 DVD, book for 50th birthday or 50th anniversary party
1964 Gift Collection
50th Birthday or 50th Anniversary Gift
Includes 1964 DVD, book
Item No. 80-050-7784
Price: $34.99
50th Wedding Anniversary Gold-plated Filigree Cross Ornament or Small Cake Topper
50th Anniversary Cross
Antique brass filigree cross for
wall, ornament or cake topper
Item No. 80-050-4052
Price: $16.99
50th Wedding Anniversary Party Plate with Stand
50th Anniversary Plate with Stand
50 Years of Marriage,
A Lifetime of Love
Item No. 80-050-4540
Price: $31.95
Golden Anniversary Cross
50th anniversary gift
with stylish amber crystal accents
Item No. 80-050-4054
Price: $19.99
50 Years Together Frame
Striped brushed gold-colored frame
with romantic verse
Item No. 80-050-3052
Price: $24.99