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We offer 60th birthday gifts for baby boomers. Combine with Age-Less Humor Gifts for a unique 60th birthday gag gift for baby boomers. It will be the hit of the 60th birthday party.
The Big 60 Head Band can also be used in a 60th birthday party centerpiece.
The Big 60 Headband
Dress the part at
a 60th birthday party
Item No. 80-120-9141
Price: $6.99
Wear the 50th Birthday Sash at a 50th birthday party.
60th Birthday Sash
Wear it at the
60th birthday party
Item No. 80-120-9142
Price: $5.99
This is what a really cool 60 year old looks like! T-shirt
Really Cool 60 Year Old T-Shirt
"This is what a really cool
60 year old looks like"
Item No. 80-120-2010
Price: $17.99
1956 DVD - Your Fabulous Year
60th wedding anniversary
or 60th birthday gift
Item No. 80-060-7056
Price: $12.95
Take Life Wine Bag and Plaque - Funny Birthday or Retirement Gift
Take Life With A Grain of Salt Gift Set
Gift Bag & Plaque
Funny birthday or retirement gift
Item No. 80-230-2415
Price: $17.99
1956 What a Year It Was Book
60th birthday anniversary gift
170 pages of 1956 nostalgia
Item No. 80-060-1956
Price: $27.95
Bucket List Party Package - Bucket and 2 Bucket List Suggestion Tablets
Bucket List Party Kit
Includes Bucket &
2 Suggestions Tablets
Item No. 80-230-4100
Price: $9.99
1956 Time Capsule
Filled with some of your
favorite things from way back when...
Item No. 80-120-7256
Price: $39.99
I Need Glasses Wine Sippy Cup
"At my age, I need glasses"
BPA-free wine glass
Item No. 80-230-3710
Price: $12.99
60th Birthday Gift Basket - Live Your Life
Includes 1956 trivia booklet
an aging humor book, sign and candy
Item No. 80-120-2056
Price: $29.99
60 Wine Improves Wine Glass
60 Wine improves with age.
I improve with wine.
Item No. 80-120-3468
Price: $16.99
1956 Movie Night Gift Package
Contains a 1956 events DVD,
1956 Reminiscing booklet and popcorn
Item No. 80-060-7756
Price: $19.99
60th Birthday Party Champagne Glass
60th Birthday Champagne Glass  (Out of Stock)
A sparkling gift idea
for a 60th birthday party
Item No. 80-120-3514
Price: $18.99
 (Out of Stock)
1956 Time Passages Yearbook
For 60th anniversaries and birthdays
Calendar layout of trivia and photos
Item No. 80-060-2956
Price: $16.95
I'm Worth It Sign
The Older I Get
The More I'm Worth It!
Item No.80-230-1226
Price: $14.99
Classic Rocker Baseball Cap
On the back, it reads:
Born To Be Wild
Item No. 80-210-2910
Price: $17.99
Grumpy Old Bear T-shirt - Over the Hill Gift for Men
Grumpy Old Bear T-shirt
Funny over the hill gift
for that special man
Item No. 80-210-1055
Price: $17.99
Time Together Friends Clock with a heart-warming verse
Time Together Friend Clock
Clock with verse
Sentimental gift for long-time friends
Item No. 80-110-2325
Price: $19.99
Still Rockin
Still Rockin' Guitar T-shirt
For "girls" who still rock it out!
Ladies V-neck t-shit in indigio blue
Item No. 80-110-2401
Price: $17.99