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Choose from our selection of unique 70th birthday gifts, commemorating a 1945 birthday. Choose the 1945 DVD to show at a 70th birthday party or wrap and give as a gift. Combine with Age-Less Humor gifts for seniors citizens with a sense of humor about aging.

70 Forever Young Coffee Mug
Includes two packages
of gourmet coffee
Item No. 80-130-3466
Price: $19.99
70 - I'm Vintage Wine Glass
70 - I'm not old.
I'm vintage.
Item No. 80-130-3470
Price: $16.99
70th Birthday Hourglass - Funny 70th Birthday Gift Idea
70th Birthday Hourglass  (Out of Stock)
70 - Time to start over!
Enjoy every minute of it!
Item No. 80-130-6501
Price: $14.99
 (Out of Stock)
1945 DVD - Your Fabulous Year
1945 events, history, etc.
Show at 70th birthday party
Item No. 80-130-7045
Price: $9.95
Explore the Path Cotton Sofa Throw Blanket
Explore the Path Cotton Throw
"Explore new opportunities..."
on the path that lies ahead.
Item No. 80-410-8002
Price: $34.99
1945 Golden Years Gift Basket
Includes 1945 events booklet,
a unique 70th birthday gift
Item No. 80-130-2170
Price: $29.99
Friends Forever - Birthday Gift Idea or a Thinking of You Memento
Friends Forever Poem
For birthdays and special times
Sentimental gift for long-time friends
Item No. 80-110-1308
Price: $12.99
1945 Movie Night Gift Package
Contains a 1945 events DVD,
Reminiscing booklet and popcorn
Item No. 80-130-7744
Price: $19.99
Bearly Behavin at 70 T-shirt - Funny 70th Birthday Gift
Bearly Behavin' at 70 T-shirt
Don't act your age!
Wear it at the 70th birthday party.
Item No. 80-130-2401
Price: $17.99