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Gifts for Grandparents
Gifts for Grandma
Gifts for Grandpa

See our selection of gift ideas for the elderly and those who are great grandparents. Bring or send a "just because" gift for elderly loved ones who reside in assisted living facilities or nursing homes. You senior citizen friends and relatives will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Mother Time and Love Clock - Thoughtful Gift for Mom
Mother's Time & Love Clock
Clock and verse
Thoughtful gift for Mom
Item No. 80-510-2325
Price: $19.99
Lighted Magnifier with Cord for Hands-Free Use and a Lighted 2x Magnifier with a 4x Bi-focal Spot Lens
Hands-Free Lighted Magnifier  (Out of Stock)
2x Magnifier for reading, hobbies
With adjustable neck cord and light
Item No. 10-010-1029
Sale! Save $6
Was: $14.99
Price: $8.99
 (Out of Stock)
A Mothers Heart Clock - Tumbled Stone Keepsake Gift for Mom
A Mother's Heart Clock
Stoneware clock
Decorative gift for Mom
Item No. 80-510-4013
Price: $14.99
Lighted Credit Card Size Magnifier - LED light and 2x Magnification
Lighted Credit Card Size Magnifier  (Out of Stock)
2x Lighted Credit Card size Magnifier
Bright LED light for reading
Item No. 10-010-1035
Price: $5.99
 (Out of Stock)
A Mothers Love Framed Poem is a Heartwarming Gift for Mothers Day or Birthday
A Mother's Love Poem
Poem of Appreciation
Sentimental gift for Mom
Item No. 80-510-1308
Price: $9.99
Rigid Full Page Magnifier Sheet - Scratch Resistant and 2x Magnification
Rigid Full Page Magnifier
Sturdy sheet magnifier
for newspaper, magazines, etc.
Item No. 10-010-1040
Price: $5.99
Bracelet Buddy - Set of 2 - Arthritis Dressing and Jewelry Fastening Aid
Bracelet Buddy - Set of 2
Two Bracelet Buddies
For Mom and Grandma
Item No. 10-260-1034
Price: $17.99
Folding Lighted Magnifier with Adjustable Handle - 2x and with a 6x inset lens
Handheld Lighted Magnifier
2x lens; LED lights
With folding handle
Item No. 10-010-1024
Price: $12.99
Colorful Quilted Clutch is available in several styles.
Colorful Quilted Clutch
Available in several color styles
Includes shoulder strap, pen and magnifier
Item No. 10-320-1540
Sale! Save $10
Was: $19.99
Price: $9.99
Mother coffee mug with woodland floral and butterfly
Mother Mug with Decorative Box
Reads: "Mother, There is so much...
love behind everything you do."
Item No. 80-510-3711
Price: $16.99
Butterfly Pill Box - Push button closure and mirror on top lid
Butterfly Pill Box
Easy push-button open
For vitamins, mints, etc.
Item No. 40-810-3154
Price: $19.99
Pocket Size Magnifier
Handheld Lighted Pocket Magnifier
2x lens; LED lights 
Pocket Magnifier 
Item No. 10-010-1065
Price: $6.99
Pill Box - Sumetria
Easy push-button open
For vitamins, mints, etc.
Item No. 40-810-3151
Price: $19.99
Soft Shawl with Pockets - Light-weight Shoulder Readers Wrap
Soft Cotton Pocket Shawl
Wear year-round indoors and outside
Made in the USA
Item No.40-210-1002
Price: $29.99