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Grandparent Gifts
Gifts for Grandma
Gifts for Grandpa

See our selection of gift ideas for the elderly and those who are great grandparents. Bring or send a "just because" gift for elderly loved ones who reside in assisted living facilities or nursing homes. You senior citizen friends and relatives will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Gold Toned Pill Box holds vitamins, tiny mints, aspirin, etc. and has 3 compartments
Pill Box - Gold Toned Pill Box
Easy push-button open
For vitamins, mints, etc.
Item No. 40-810-3155
Price: $10.99
Lotus Bloom Pill Box
For purse or pocket
2 compartments inside
Item No. 40-810-3114
Price: $19.99
Mother Time and Love Clock - Thoughtful Gift for Mom
Mother's Time & Love Clock
Clock and verse
Thoughtful gift for Mom
Item No. 80-510-2325
Price: $19.99
Pink Lace Mother Frame holds a 6 inch x 4 inch photo for Moms Birthday or Mothers Day Gift
Pink Lace Mother Frame
"My Mother, my dearest friend"
Holds 6x4 photo or gift card
Item No. 80-510-1702
Price: $19.99
A Mothers Love Framed Poem is a Heartwarming Gift for Mothers Day or Birthday
A Mother's Love Poem
Poem of Appreciation
Sentimental gift for Mom
Item No. 80-510-1308
Price: $9.99
Best Friend - Mother Frame
"A Mother is a true
best friend." Frame
Item No. 80-510-1701
Price: $12.99
Colorful Quilted Clutch is available in several styles.
Colorful Quilted Clutch
Available in several color styles
Item No. 10-320-1540

Price: $17.99
My Mother and Me Throw Pillow
My Mother and Me Pillow
"Best Friends Are We"
Comfortable gift for Mom
Item No. 80-510-6101
Price: $14.99
Pearlecent Mums Pill Box
Easy push-button open
For vitamins, mints, etc.
Item No. 40-810-3264
Price: $16.99
Soft Shawl with Pockets - Light-weight Shoulder Readers Wrap
Soft Pocket Shawl Readers Wrap
All-season wrap in black
soft poly-cotton shawl with pockets
Item no. 40-210-1014
Price: $39.99
Red Crystal Heart Pill Box - Medication Aid Pillbox
Red Crystal Heart Pill Box
Easy push-button open
For vitamins, mints, etc.
Item No. 40-810-3261
Price: $18.99
USA Today Jumbo Puzzle Book - Entertaining Gift of Logic Puzzles
USA Today Jumbo Puzzle Book
A variety of 400 puzzles
Crossword, Sudoku, Logic, QuickCross
Item No. 30-010-6001
Price: $9.99
Butterfly Pill Box - Push button closure and mirror on top lid
Butterfly Pill Box
Easy push-button open
For vitamins, mints, etc.
Item No. 40-810-3154
Price: $19.99
Clear Sounds Amplifying Speakerphone with Big Button feature and Large Screen Display
Clear Sounds CSC600
UltraClear Sound-Clarifying Technology
Increases sound to 50dB
Item No. 50-010-1040
Price: $99.99
Easy Opener for use on Bottles, Cans, Boxes - Helpful for those with arthritis, low grip strength or limited hand mobility
Easy Opener - Bottles, Cans, Boxes
Multi-purpose household helper
For bottles, cans, boxes
Item No. 60-210-1015
Price: $4.99
Customizable Our Family Photo Frame holds a 6 x 4 photo.
Our Family Photo Frame
Personalized keepsake frame
for parents and grandparents
Item No. 80-550-3303
Sale! Save $5
Was: $24.99
Price: $19.99
Pill Box - Sumetria
Easy push-button open
For vitamins, mints, etc.
Item No. 40-810-3151
Price: $19.99
Antique Four Generations Picture Frame holds a 6 inch x 4 inch photo
Antique 4 Generations Frame
Gift for Great-grandparents
Holds a 6x4 photo
Item No. 80-550-3701

Price: $24.99
Rigid Full Page Magnifier Sheet - Scratch Resistant and 2x Magnification
Rigid Full Page Magnifier
Sturdy sheet magnifier
for newspaper, magazines, etc.
Item No. 10-010-1040
Price: $5.99
Magnifier Necklace - Available in several different styles
Magnifier Necklace
Choose from several designs
Embedded 2x glass magnifier
Item No. 10-010-1113
Price: $24.99
Folding Lighted Magnifier with Adjustable Handle - 2x and with a 6x inset lens
Handheld Lighted Magnifier
2x lens; LED lights
With folding handle
Item No. 10-010-1024
Price: $12.99
Not old - vintage - wine glass - funny over the hill birthday gag gift
I'm Vintage Wine Glass
Funny birthday gift
Celebrate year after year!
Item No. 80-230-3712
Price: $12.95
Thank You Mom Music Box - Gift Ideas for Mothers
Thank You Mom Music Box
Holds jewelry or gift cards
Plays Beethoven's Fur Elise
Item No. 80-510-1605
Price: $19.99