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Retirement Gift Ideas Whether you need a serious retirement gift or are looking for retirement jokes for a co-worker, relative or friend with a sense of humor, we have a selection of unique retirement gifts for a retirement party. Some of our retirement sayings are jokes for retirement gag gifts, while others are inspirational. Use these items as retirement gift ideas for men, women, teachers or someone in the military.

Retirement Toast Wall Clock - Executive Retirement Gift
Retirement Toast Wall Clock
Large wall clock with poem
Suitable for a man or woman
Item No. 80-410-2327
Price: $79.99
Start Working at Living Gourmet Coffee Mug Gift Package for Retirement Party
Working at Living Mug Gift Pkg
Stop living at work...
With gourmet coffee
Item No. 80-420-3915
Price: $19.99
Retirement Honey Do Mug
Retirement is not an
excuse for a Honey, do... list.
Item No. 80-420-3101
Price: $14.95
You Can Do It Clock - Retirement Gift for Man
You Can Do It Clock
Stoneware clock
Inspirational gift for male retiree
Item No. 80-410-4014
Price: $15.99
Retirement Martini Gift Set - Shaker reads "Retired - Time to shake things up!" and the glasses read "Retired - Done wih the grind, time to unwind!"
Retirement Martini Gift Set
Retired - Time to
Shake things up!
Item No. 80-420-3700
Price: $19.99
Doormat reads "Welcome to Our Retirement Home: Twice as much husband - half as much pay!"
Retirement Home Doormat
Retirement Gag Gift
"Welcome to Our Retirement Home...
Item No. 80-420-8901
Price: $19.99
Value of Life Cotton Sofa Throw Blanket
Value of Life Cotton Throw
"...not in the length of days,
but in the use we make of them."
Item No. 80-410-8003
Price: $24.99
Your Time Coffee Mug Gift Package - Retirement Gift for Boss
It's Your Time Coffee Mug Gift Pkg enjoy what you worked for...
With 2 packages of gourmet coffee
Item No. 80-410-5201
Price: $19.99
Sweet Reward Clock - Retirement Gift for Man or Woman
Sweet Reward Retirement Clock
Retirement Poem or Toast
Item No. 80-410-2326
Price: $19.99
Retirement Party Sash reads "Retired" on the front and "Now the Fun Begins" on the back
Retirement Party Sash
Front reads: Retired
Back: "Now the fun begins"
Item No. 80-410-4826
Price: $5.99
Time to Reflect Clock - Retirement Gift for Woman
Time to Reflect Retirement Clock
Retirement Poem or Toast
Item No. 80-410-2325
Price: $19.99
Retirement Pennant Banner is a fun decoration for a retirement party
Retirement Party Pennant Banner
"Retired - Now the fun begins!"
Matches Retirement Sash
Item No. 80-410-4825
Price: $2.50
Retired Quit My Day Job Mug
Retired - Quit my
day job - finally!
Item No. 80-420-3102
Price: $19.99
Retired - Bottled Up Wine Glass - Funny Retirement Gift
Retired Bottled Up Wine Glass
Retired - I don't keep
things bottled up.
Item No. 80-420-3468
Price: $16.99
 I Have Waited A Lifetime Coffee Mug - Retirement Gift
I've Waited A Lifetime Mug Gift Pkg
Retirement Gift Set
With gourmet coffee
Item No. 80-420-3914
Price: $19.99
Retirement Fun(d) Cash Box reads "Contributions Gladly Accepted" - Gift for Boss or Co-worker
Retirement Fun(d) Cash Box
For a boss or co-worker
Fill with gift cards and tickets
Item No. 80-420-4302
Price: $18.99
Take Life Wine Bag and Plaque - Funny Birthday or Retirement Gift
Take Life With A Grain of Salt Gift Set
Gift Bag & Plaque
Funny birthday or retirement gift
Item No. 80-230-2415
Price: $14.99
Retired State Baseball Cap
Reads: "Let the legend begin"
on the back of the cap
Item No. 80-420-2925
Price: $17.99
Explore the Path Cotton Sofa Throw Blanket
Explore the Path Cotton Throw
"Explore new opportunities..."
on the path that lies ahead.
Item No. 80-410-8002
Price: $34.99
Celebration Wine Bag & Ornament
For birthdays, retirement, friendship, etc.
re-usable wine bag and ornament
Item No. 80-230-1314
Price: $19.99
Retirement Throw Pillow - Gift for Dad, Grandpa or Retired Friend
I'm Retired Pillow
Retirement Gag Gift
"I don't have to...I'm retired!
Item No. 80-420-8002
Price: $14.99
Retirement Clock & Frame
Clock and frame with verse
Funny retirement gift
Item No. 80-410-3014
Price: $29.99