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These over the hill joke gifts make a funny 50th or 60th birthday gag gifts for baby boomers or 70th, 80th birthday gag gifts for senior citizens with a sense of humor about aging. You know you're getting older when it's time to celebrate life's lighter side with our collection of Age-Less Humor Birthday Gag Gifts.

Take Life Wine Bag and Plaque - Funny Birthday or Retirement Gift
Take Life With A Grain of Salt Gift Set
Gift Bag & Plaque
Funny birthday or retirement gift
Item No. 80-230-2415
Price: $17.99
Age Is Mind Over Matter Ceramic Frame holds a 4 x 6 photo
Age Is Mind Over Matter Frame
"Age is mind over matter.
If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."
Holds 4" x 6" photo
Item No. 80-230-1104

Price: $11.99
Bucket List Party Package - Bucket and 2 Bucket List Suggestion Tablets
Bucket List Party Kit
Includes Bucket &
2 Suggestions Tablets
Item No. 80-230-4100
Price: $9.99
I'm Worth It Sign
The Older I Get
The More I'm Worth It!
Item No.80-230-1226
Price: $14.99
Not Old...Exceptional Vintage T-shirt -  Over the Hill birthday gift
Exceptional Vintage T-Shirt
"I'm of an exceptional vintage."
Gift for wine lovers
Item No. 80-210-1052
Price: $12.99
Time makes you old too too late Clock - funny birthday gag gift
Old Too Soon Clock
"Old too soon...
Smart too late."
Item No. 80-230-4212
Price: $19.99
The Older I Get The Better I Was Baseball Cap
The Older I Get Baseball Cap
"The Older I Get, The Better I Was"
Birthday Gag Gift
Item No. 80-210-2708
Price: $17.99
Grumpy Old Bear T-shirt - Over the Hill Gift for Men
Grumpy Old Bear T-shirt
Funny over the hill gift
for that special man
Item No. 80-210-1055
Price: $17.99
T-shirt reads "So far, this is the oldest I have ever been"
Oldest I've Ever Been T-Shirt  (Out of Stock)
Funny Birthday T-Shirt
Item No. 80-210-8901
Price: $17.99
 (Out of Stock)
Stubborn Old Mule T-shirt - Funny Over the Hill Gag Gift for Man
Stubborn Old Mule T-shirt
Funny over the hill gift
for that special man
Item No. 80-210-1058
Price: $17.99
You only live once - beverage glass - funny birthday gift
You Only Live Once Pint Glass  (Out of Stock)
Funny birthday or retirement gift
Frosted glass for cold drinks
Item No. 80-230-3467
Price: $14.99
 (Out of Stock)
Sly Old Fox T-shirt - Funny Over the Hill Gift
Sly Old Fox T-shirt
Funny over the hill gift
for that special man
Item No. 80-210-1059
Price: $17.99
Friends Better With Age Wine Sippy Cup
"Good friends, like good wines
get better with age."
Item No. 80-110-3710
Price: $12.99
Nana's Sippy Cup Wine Glass
Funny grandmother gift
Acrylic, protected wine glass
Item No. 80-520-3469
Price: $17.99
Authentic Vintage Dude Myth Legend Baseball Cap - Funny Gift for Guys
The Legend Baseball Cap
The man, the myth, the legend
Item No. 80-210-2925
Price: $17.99
Vintage Dude Experience Baseball Cap  (Out of Stock)
On the back, it reads: "They don't
make 'em like this anymore"
Item No. 80-210-2915
Price: $13.99
 (Out of Stock)
I Need Glasses Wine Sippy Cup
"At my age, I need glasses"
BPA-free wine glass
Item No. 80-230-3710
Price: $12.99
Aged to Perfection Wine Glass for 50th 60th 70th or 80th birthday
Aged To Perfection Wine Glass  (Out of Stock)
Black with red painted swirls
and crystal accents
Item No. 80-230-3527
Price: $19.99
 (Out of Stock)