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Featured 50th Anniversary or Birthday Gift: Book of 1964 Events
The 1964 What a Year It Was book shows 1964 events and trends including headlines, historical events, movies, sports, advertisements etc. The 1964 book makes an entertaining 50th wedding anniversary gift, or 50th birthday gift, that can be displayed during and after the party. Styled like a high school yearbook, you can pass it around the party to sign. See all 50th Anniversary Gifts...
Price: $27.95
Grandfather Throw Blanket - Gift for Grandpa
Featured Gift for Grandpa: Grandfather Throw Blanket
The Grandfather Sofa Throw Blanket is a practical, stylish gift for Grandpa. Made in the USA, he can use the soft cotton tapestry throw both indoors and outside. Help ward off winter's chill.  See all Gifts for Grandpa and Dad ...
Price: $34.99
Nana Cotton Sofa Throw Blanket - Gift for Grandmothers
Featured Gift for Grandmothers: Nana Sofa Throw
The Nana Sofa Throw is a practical gift for grandmothers. Made in America, this soft woven throw provides warmth on cold days indoors or chilly afternoons outdoors. It's even machine washable. See all Gifts for Grandma ...
Price: $34.99
Stoneware Plaque reads "I love the nights I cannot remember with the friends I can
Featured Gift for Best Friends: Night with Friends
The Night with Friends Plaque is a loving gift for your best friends. The verse says: I love the nights I can't remember with the friends I can't forget.   See all Gifts for Best Friends ...
Price: $14.95
Featured 60th Birthday Gift: 1954 Time Capsule
The 1954 Time Capsule is a unique and entertaining 60th birthday gift for baby boomers. It contains items to remind you of your youth, nostalgic candy, 1954 events items and more. Also available: 1974 Time Capsule for 40th birthdays and 1964 Time Capsule for 50th birthdays. See all 60th birthday gifts and Milestone gifts...
Price: $39.99
Made in the USA
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